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domenica 5 luglio 2015

Per tutti quelli che 3...

Per tutti quelli che credono che nel sistema legale c'e' qualche via di Uscita, consiglio di Ascoltare questo Audio di O'Collins:

"Page 13- Western-Roman Model has “no way out”

I am not saying this to make anyone reading or listening to this blog, to feel bad. As I have shown you each week for several weeks now, as exemplified in slide 13, the Western-Roman Model is actually designed so there is “no way out”.

It is not you. It is the way the system is designed and the more you think you and you alone are the one to prove the architects and designers of Mundi wrong, and that somehow you will be the first – ignoring all that has been done with Ucadia – then your ego is setting you up for a massive failure.

I don’t know how many times I have tried to talk people down from jumping off legal cliffs because their ego kept telling them they could fly through the maze and dungeons of this awful Mundi model, only to see them plunge to their doom. What could I say? Hundreds, even thousands have refused to listen. That is why I resolved to do this series so that once and for all I would take the three decades of research on law and distill it into slides so no rational or logical or sensible or reasonable man or woman could conclude otherwise. Is it working?  Only you know the answer to that.

Page 4 – Remember what Ucadia is- a complete model

On slide 4, I have listed a quick slide as a reminder as to remembering what Ucadia is, being a complete model as an alternative to the decline of the Western-Roman Model.  That is why it has taken nearly three full decades to design and complete.

As I have shown in the previous slide presentations, there is absolutely no relief or remedy within the Western-Roman System anymore, as it is so broken. Nor can anyone reasonably or sensibly wake up one day and decide they are going to go and create their own society from scratch and hope to accomplish this same kind of work. 

The philosophical, legal, spiritual, financial, operational and functional design and structure of a complex society is an enormous undertaking if viewed seriously and not superficially like trying to start your own commune. Yes, it is entirely possible for a small group of people to choose to live in some completely isolated part of the world according to some simple rules like the 144 truths of law that I mentioned at the very beginning of this series on the Law Explained. I comprehend that and I honor the simplicity of that idea. But that is not the same as trying to run a city of two million or ten million people, much less a society of millions over a wider geographic area.

It is why I have extended the Olive Branch to those who previously, for whatever motivation or sense of ego, have sought to falsely portray Ucadia, or steal parts of Ucadia, or falsely claim pieces of Ucadia for their own ends, to stop the lies and recognize the opportunity of being acknowledged as an Advocate of the Golden Rule of Law; and help many people find real and lasting remedy and relief through this series; with their knowledge of the forms and registrations and rolls and trusts and estates and corporations we are discussing.

So if you still encounter people sitting on the sidelines trying to stop people from waking up, or finding lasting remedy and relief, I hope this particular slide reminds you of the power behind the information I continue to share through this series on the Law Explained.

Page 24 – Elements of Document: Bankruptcy Accounting

So when you look at slide 24, you see that the idea of credits coming in and debits going out, the credits of real assets coming in, became debits and the debits going out became credits. Why?

Because under bankruptcy, real assets are seized and frozen into trust. The only thing that can be traded is promises and pledges to pay. No actual assets ever get traded in bankruptcy, only various forms of IOU’s.  You will see in a moment the significance of this revelation.

In any event, the modern accounting system is blatant and overwhelming proof that every country on the planet is considered not only a corporation, but a corporation under a controlled bankruptcy. If you want to find the head corporation of the bankruptcy, just look for a country holding such ridiculous amounts of debt that it could never be paid. That is the key to proving who controls the system of bankrupt countries.

Fonte: http://blog.ucadia.com/2015/06/the-law-explained-session-4.html


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