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lunedì 20 ottobre 2014

Regole di Ingaggio by Kate

Salve Fratello Caro

A Few "Rules" of Engagement by kate of kaia

If one must "court" the enemy in an "engagement" ceres-moon-eye, here's a few points to keep in mind.......

1. Never ask a question you do NOT already know the answer to lest YOU be caught as the ignorant liar versus your op-po-n-ent (mirror of spirit seed mind).

2. Never answer a question that YOU don't know the answer to. I don't know suffices because it's true....stand there on that rock.

3. Never offer any name whatsoever to ensure you don't trip over your tongue. I do not engage in talking to dead legal fictions seeking contracts and I make sure they know this....i.e

"I will let you know when you have jurisdiction", not the other way round.

"If you are seeking a LEGAL NAME there is one I can offer to you to use but I need to advise you that if you use it on any fraud paperwork contracts like tickets etc., that becomes evidence of your aiding and abetting fraud against an honourable citizen of London, state in YOUR jurisdiction which breaks your oath of allegiance to the CROWN/STATE you swore to protect and will be used to privately prosecute you for high treason"

"If you are seeking a LEGAL NAME of any kind, you are seeking to entice me into fraud, something I cannot and will not do or allow inasmuch to do so is to allow you to commit legal murder and I, spiritual suicide"

"Unfortunately for you, you are a dead legal name fiction and fraudster, living in a dead 2D paper world. I don't talk to the dead or to criminals; to do so is quite insane, don't you think?"

"You do know that using a legal name without permission to do so is a legal copyright infringement and a legal crime right? Just so you're aware, you are asking me to commit a crime by claiming such a thing where there is no such thing as legal reality but you knew this right?"

"I am fully aware that you are highly trained to trick anyone you meet into thinking they're a LEGAL NAME and why getting "ID" is paramount in EVERY case lest you don't get your commissions or jurisdiction to do anything at all but nice try anyway, have a nice day"

" I accept no orders or requests from dead people in uniforms, robes etc. where it is a fact of law that any/all attempts to do so are simply enticement to commit fraud on your part via coercion, intimidation, sexual assault etc."

"It is sexual assault if you touch another's body in any way whatsoever without their consent, regardless of gender and you will be charged fully and judged in the same instant with that crime should the need in you to be a rapist arises."

" ID or a Legal Name? Sorry, I don't live in the dead world juris-fiction, that's your realm of choice, not mine."

"Stand down, you're out of your jurisdiction here where assumption and presumption of a legal name is all you have and there isn't one to be had here."

"This body is not CROWN property via any legal name joinder whatsoever and to touch me is akin to an act of war against a sovereign state of being"

Please remember this simple fact; Every single scenario in the legal realm is initiated by one dead CROWN fiction or another unless YOU involve yourself in matters that don't concern you to find yourself out of your depths so it is best to simply shut up and keep all emotions in check. An emotional being is easy to keep there once that "body is in motion, it stays in motion" so BREATHE......the calmer you are the more terrifying you are to someone trained to get your emotions rolling for any excuse to get their hands on you. Stay cool, calm and collected and trust only the truth you know, regardless of the lies these uniformed trained monkeys are trained to spew. The truth shall set and keep you free and YOU WILL be teste'd to show your intent; FACT.

In Pace ed Onore
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